Why we are built for your business?

We only have one goal – to make you money.

This is the one true metric that defines every campaign that we manage. We align our expertise, resources, and passion to help our clients
meet the objectives that truly matter to their success. We don’t simply put together a strategy and let it run its own course. This means
blind and wasteful marketing, and it can dilute the performance of your other efforts.

Our approach demands understanding, measurability, due diligence, strategic thinking, and tactful execution. Our process below is what makes
us successful in handling everyone from SMEs to Fortune 500 clients.

  1. 1. Business and Brand Understanding

    This is supposed to be marketing common sense but most agencies jump right into implementing strategies and they don’t fully understand how they’re going to make an impact from a business standpoint.

    • Brand Understanding
    • Business goals
    • Brand message & guidelines
    • Value proposition
    • Product knowledge
    • Company resources
    • Customer journey
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Sales process
    • Industry opportunities and challenges

    Isn’t it smart to inform your strategies with a solid understanding of your brand and where it currently stands in the online marketing battleground?

  2. 2. Market analysis and Opportunity mapping

    The part where we turn Sherlock Mode on. We fetch real marketing data and spy on your beloved competitors, and use this intel to map out the opportunities and market trends your business is missing out on.

    • SWOT Analysis
    • Market benchmarking
    • Social listening
    • Competitive analysis
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Buyer Persona Development
    • Surveys and Interviews
  3. 3. The Xight Strategy

    Our signature strategy hinges on our ability to effectively combine SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Strategy in one single campaign. It’s our job to make sure that your online branding resonates in every marketing initiatives we execute.

    A. Technical SEO

    • Comprehensive Site Audit
    • Performance benchmarking
    • Site and Information Architecture
    • Technical diagnostics
    • Site speed optimization
    • Link Profile analysis
    • Penalty Recovery Strategy
    • Strategic internal linking
    • Mobile optimization

    B. Content Marketing

    • Content and Branding strategy
    • Asset inventory
    • Content gap analysis
    • Creative brainstorming
    • Content Asset Creation (video, animation, images, infographics, ebooks, etc)
    • Blog Management
    • Link-bait strategy
    • Lead nurturing / email marketing

    C. Social Strategy

    • Social Media Strategy
    • Influencer prospecting
    • Link prospecting
    • Email and Social Outreach
    • Community engagement
    • Content Promotion / Linker Outreach
    • Link Removal Outreach
  4. 4. Analytics

    There’s a wealth of information from your analytics and we make sure to turn that data into real marketing insights. All marketing decisions should be data-driven and our Google Certified Analytics experts have got your back on this one.

Our unfair advantage

Let’s keep this real.

There are reasons why big agencies are expensive; Prime offices, expensive account managers, enormous branding and advertising spends. Nevertheless, these big agencies are big for a reason: they’re brilliant at what they do.

We believe brilliant online marketing is also achievable on shoestring budget and we have the distinct advantage of doing intelligent,
enterprise-level marketing while keeping our costs to a minimum. We’re simply affordable at this level of marketing.

So if you want to stand toe to toe with big brands, with high-level online marketing initiative and without breaking the bank,
Xight Interactive is your chance.

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