What makes the Xight consultation team formidable? Technical specialization wielded by experienced strategists. We’re driven by results and the passion to create opportunities and solve problems.

With a team of experts led by Jason Acidre—the renowned Kaiser the Sage—we’ll come up with a battle plan for your business. This is not only limited to providing a list of recommendations and action steps, but is also geared towards seizing opportunities for your website’s sustainable growth and profitability.

We will understand your brand down to its very core, make sense of your data and analytics, as well as conduct market and competitive research. We’ll take these disparate elements and distill them into a strategy that will boost your site’s visibility, reach, and conversions.

You needn’t worry about getting on Google’s bad side, though. We make it a point to keep abreast of any of Google’s algorithmic updates, as well as any of the trending tips and techniques in the realm of online marketing. And we won’t keep you in the dark—we’ll encourage you to learn the ropes in the industry, as nothing better prepares you and your business from the neverending changes of the search engine game than education from the pros.

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